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social distancing services


This is a great option if you need guidance with the decluttering process or if you've already purchased organizational products and you're unsure how to use them.  We work one on one, in real time, over video chat and Try Organizing coaches you through the process of getting organized.  It's less intrusive than in person organizing as the client is in control of what they show.  Coaching sessions are 60min in duration.  Client is assigned “homework” or “action items” to complete over the course of the hour immediately after our coaching session.  Accountability and self-motivation are imperative to the success of this model. 

If you would like to book a coaching session please email


This is a great option for spaces where product can make all the difference: pantries, hall closets, under sink cabinetry, etc.  A 30min virtual needs assessment meeting will be scheduled to determine what your organizational challenges are and how you wish the space would function.  A $150 deposit will be required to move forward with the design process.  Try Organizing will ask for exact measurements and a clear photo of the space. Try Organizing will work with the client to determine appropriate product choices and quantities.  Try Organizing will propose a design and quote; upon approval,  product will be ordered. Product will be shipped or delivered directly to clients home.  Try Organizing will provide the client with a design/ organizational product layout for the space.  Client is completely responsible for the installation of organizational products. 

If you would like to start of the process of having a space in your home virtually designed to be organized, please email

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This virtual organizing service mirrors the in-person full service process, but at a fraction of the price.  The process starts by emailing Try Organizing a clear photo of the space you would like to have organized.  A 60min virtual needs assessment meeting will be scheduled your current organizational challenges and how you wish the space would function. A $250 deposit will be required to move forward with the design process.  Try Organizing will require exact measurements of the space, shelving, etc depending on the details of the space.  Try Organizing will propose a design and quote for organization product.   Upon approval of design and quote, Try Organizing will order the product and send the client a product placement map for how to implement chosen products as well as where to place their possessions.Product will be shipped or delivered to client's home. 

Client is responsible for the install of all product purchased, but will have a supplied design and step-by-step guide. Client will be supplied with appropriate labelling materials.  A one hour virtual session will be scheduled after the client has completed the install.  The final details and finishing touches, will be completed on this virtual call.  

To book your Combination virtual organizing service, please email

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"show me how to do it"

starting at $50



"design my space, and buy the product for me "

starting at $150



"design my space, buy the product for me, and show me how to do it"

starting at $250

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