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Marble Surface

the IMPACT series

A few months ago, I received feedback from a client that my website and social media did not truly communicate what I do and what really happens when someone works with me.  She was right; a simple before and after photo, even with an explanation, never tells the whole story.  I realized I needed to come up with a way to express the depth in which my client's lives can be changed and impacted by getting organized.


After a few creative meetings with my videographer, the IMPACT series was born.  I wanted to tell the story from a variety of angles by incorporating interviews with different family members because every family dynamic is unique. 

I wasn't sure if my client's would be willing to be on camera, and share their story. I was touched to learn that they wanted to share their experience; they (and I!) hoped that it would give others permission to reach out. Perhaps someone shares some of the same struggles that they do and they realize that they aren't alone. Organizing has helped my client's in expected and unexpected ways.  

Every client is different.

Every story is different.  

But they are 100% real. 

I am blessed to work with some truly incredible people; I'm so grateful that this job that I love so much has allowed me to cross paths with them. Both of our lives have been made better because of it. 

Ready to watch? Click here.

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