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The DREAM Team: Try Organizing & iEco Cleaning

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I get this question a lot: are you also a cleaning company? The short answer is no. When I am organizing a space I like to have a fresh start. For example, in a pantry, I will wipe down the shelves, walls, baseboards and floors before putting food back in. In a closet, I will vacuum and dust before placing clothes back in it. However, I am not cleaning the client's entire home. However, I realized having a cleaning company to come in AFTER I declutter and organize a home could be invaluable to a homeowner in supporting their new organizational systems. So I sought out a cleaning company that I could trust and partner with on this new quest. Luckily within a few months of starting my business, a friend introduced to Manuel and Joseline, owners of iEco Cleaning. We hit it off instantly; we shared common passions as Joseline is very passionate about organization, and we felt confident that we could offer a superior service to our clients when our services were combined.


Having a professional organizer and cleaning company who work in tandem is a home owners DREAM TEAM. The biggest barrier to success for a cleaning company is clutter. It can be nearly impossible for them to clean at times because of it. If they are cleaning your home for the first time they might not know where to put an item, and they run the risk of getting it wrong. In my first meeting with Manuel and Joseline, we began discussing how we could marry our two services and create and help maintain a seriously tidy, clean and organized home for our clients.


Here's how it works: Most often I am hired to help declutter a home, and then organize it. Decluttering a home is an important step in the organization process because it's removes items that are no longer beloved by the client. Sometimes it begins with a small space such as a closets, or pantry, but it often translates into a full home project over the course of a few weeks. After the home has been decluttered, the dream scenario is to then call iEco Cleaning to do a deep cleaning. I educate iEco Cleaning on the organizational systems that have been set up for the client. That way, if they face clutter they know what to do with it. iEco Cleaning becomes an ally to the homeowner and helping maintain organizational systems when the homeowner may be relapsing due to stress, lack of time or social support from family members. Together Try Organizing and iEco Cleaning become a support system for the homeowner in creating lasting organizational change in a home. How glorious does that sound?!

If you like what you're reading and want to learn more please reach out to to set up a free in home assessment of your space.

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