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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It is with great trepidation that I write this post; it is almost a guarantee that someone will disagree with my decision to work with clients in their homes again. There is no guide for how to re-open the economy during a pandemic. We are all trying to navigate uncharted waters in unprecedented times. We can only make decisions that we are each individually comfortable with.

Due to the Governor's recent announcement for Phase 1 of reopening the economy,  I can begin working with client's in their homes again with additional safety precautions recommended by the CDC.  I have also consulted with essential businesses who've navigated interactions safely throughout the course and phases of the pandemic to ensure safety in my reopening.  Here are the new precautions that I will take when working with clients in their homes:

1) I will wear a mask that covers my nose and mouth at all times. 

2) Client will wear a mask covering nose and mouth when social distancing cannot be maintained.

3) I will keep 6 feet of space between myself and the client.

4) I will clean any surfaces that I touch or handle.

5) Any organizational products used will be cleaned prior to installation.

6) Consistent hand washing.

If any additional risk factors or persons of risk exist in your home (i.e. pre-existing conditions, someone over 65 years of age, etc), we can discuss ways to minimize the risk so that we all feel comfortable. 

If you have an organizing project in mind that you would like some assistance with and these precautionary measures feel appropriate to you, please reach out. I am booking assessments starting on May 11, 2020.

If you're still not ready to have someone in your home and you're ready to begin an organizing project I offer a variety of "virtual organizing services" that can help with everything from the decluttering process to organizational design.

Regardless of where you are at, please know I respect it.  In return, I ask that you respect my decision to return to serving my clients. There is no road map to navigate this. I hope through honest communication, abiding by the CDC recommendations, and respect for everyone's level of comfort, we can continue to move forward and make progress.

With deepest respect, 

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