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If it doesn't fit: Let it go.

One of the most common things I see my clients struggle with is their wardrobes. I'm often called when there is no room left in a closet, drawers are overflowing and laundry baskets full of unfolded laundry. There is a very specific situation that I see all my clients struggle with: when they like a piece of clothing but it doesn't fit anymore.

The next thing out of my clients mouth is usually, "But I might lose the weight" OR "But what if I put the weight back on?" to fit back into the item. Let's ask ourselves some important questions to help determine if it's wise to hold onto clothes that no longer fit:

  • How long has it been since you last fit into this item?

  • How much weight would you need to lose or gain to fit back into that item?

  • Do you WANT to lose or gain the weight?

  • Has your weight cycled up and down historically?

  • Is there something medically currently going on that is causing weight changes?

In almost all cases the answers to these questions make my clients realize that they should just let it go.

  • The Pareto Principle: we only use 20% of the items we own in heavy rotation.

  • If it doesn't make you feel good, let it go.

  • If you haven't worn it in a year, let it go.

  • If you've been steadily at this weight for a year, let the items from your previous weight go.

If you're REALLY struggling with a few items you can create a small box of clothes, that don't fit, that you still love. I affectionally call this box "purgatory";)

As a retired professional athlete, I slowly gained about 10lbs since my retirement in 2019. Naturally much of my wardrobe no longer fits the way I would like it to. Initially, I tried exercising more to fit into my clothes. But this was a self inflicted cruel punishment. I don't want to train hours a day anymore, especially in pursuit of a body shape. So I made a decision: I'm going to let go of the items that are too small and buy clothes that are a size bigger. My confidence soared. I felt more comfortable. I felt better in my clothes. I looked better in my clothes. I have a bin in my room and any time I find a piece of clothing that fits too tightly, or doesn't make me feel good, I put it straight in the donate pile.

If you're keeping clothes because they are too small: stop punishing yourself and embrace your body. If you're keeping your clothes that are too big: believe in your body's ability to stay where it's at. You're clothing is a reflection of WHO you are, you should feel confident and comfortable at all times. If you own anything that doesn't make you feel that way, it doesn't deserve to be taking up space in your life. LET. IT. GO.

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