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I'm so excited to be announcing two pieces of exciting news today! It's only been a week since I've been unable to work in person with my clients and I am already missing helping people declutter and organize. I wanted to find a way to continue to feel like I could share my expertise and stay connected to my current clients, future clients and community. I will be doing this in two ways, since I know some people are making a living during this time, while others aren't.


I will be offering a free "How To" series aimed at tackling small, bite-sized organizing projects. I will share all my tips and tricks as well as product suggestions. I will be available for questions and invite people to email me or share their progress or engagements on my social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. I would also love to share some productivity tips for staying engaged with valuable goal setting exercises that can help you and your family stay positive and motivated during this difficult time.


I have also decided to launch a line of virtual organizing called "Social Distancing Services". These are unprecedented times and I wanted to get creative for how I can tell help people get organized while we are ALL social distancing or sheltering in place. Now that we are spending more time in our homes than ever, some of you might be feeling a lack of organization in your home. Maybe it feels like visual noise; things that never used to annoy you are suddenly getting under your skin. If you're like me, your pantry, fridge and freezer have never been fuller and you're wondering how the garage even ended up this way??!

There are a couple benefits of virtual organizing over in person organizing but the most obvious is it's less intrusive. Just about every client I do an assessment with asks me,

"Is this the worst you've ever seen?"

I promise you, I've seen it all and no amount of clutter or mess could make me not want to help someone; however, virtual organizing provides a little more privacy since you're in complete control of what you show me. A higher level of organizational skill transfer occurs since more responsibility is placed on YOU, the client, to do the physical organizing. You can imagine how good this feels; your confidence and self esteem will soar! If you are a self motivated person and any of the statements below are true about you, then virtual organizing could be the right fit for you!

You have an organization project in mind and don't know where to start.
You want to declutter but don't know how.
You're motivated to get organized but you know you need help with the design and/ or determining which organizational products to buy.

If you're ready to create lasting organizational change in your home please email me (; I'm ready to help! Let's take advantage of this time at home to create positive changes in your home!

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