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Meet Emily.  

Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. 

Like many women she wears a lot of hats. I wanted to create systems that would buy her time in her day and reduce the clutter.  She was initially skeptical about organizing and wasn't sure the spaces would actually STAY organized.  This a common belief that some clients have before working with an organizer.  I created unique systems for her family to ensure maintaining them would be as easy as possible.  And guess what, it worked! 

We also take a deeper dive into understanding how organizing her children's play room made a huge impact on her life.  And we also, debunk the misconception that kids can't organize or tidy up.  

Emily is so relatable and authentically shares how getting organized has changed her day to day life. It's not about perfection at all times, but instead a series of small, intentional decisions throughout the day that maintain the system.  And some days, your intentional decision making ability goes to sh*t, but you can easily reset the space when needed because everything has a home.

Way to go Emily!!

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