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Alicia Kaye

My route to becoming a professional organizer was a long circuitous one.  I recently retired from being a professional triathlete for 22 years.  I've always enjoyed being organized, but it was my late Mother who planted the seed of considering professional organizing as a profession.  

Professional organizing has long been considered a luxury service with a hefty price tag. It's one that can make a huge impact on a household; my goal is to make this service more accessible financially. I offer different levels of service but I also have spent a great deal of time sourcing more economical but equally beautiful storage vessels that will still transform your space.  

I've made myself an expert on using every inch of space that I can. What makes organizing in Florida unique is the inability to use basements and attics. This means closets and pantry's are overworked, overstuffed and rarely function efficiently. I have developed designs and organizational skills that specifically address this.

I believe what separates me from other organizers is my undergraduate degree in sport psychology and masters degree in counseling.  I studied topics such as stress management, time management and the psychology of behavior change.  I understand both the psychological and tangible impact that an organized space can have on your home: You'll be less stressed, you won't buy things you don't need, you'll let go of items that you were't using anymore, and you'll have more appreciation and care for the items you already own. When everything you have has a "home", then you're more careful and selective about the items you chose to bring into your home. I own and lived in a 150 square foot tiny house with my husband for two summers and learned first hand how to be VERY efficient with space.  


l also believe I possess a work ethic that separates me from most people; my long career as a professional athlete taught me that nothing worth doing is easy.  I also know how to do light "handy-woman" activities such as installation of closet systems, painting, woodwork, etc so if you space requires this, there is no need to hire subcontractors.  I will be honest about my skillset and I guarantee your satisfaction. If something isn't quite right, I will make it right.  My standards for your space will likely be higher than your own, some would call me a perfectionist;) You can rest assured that I will do everything I can to ensure your new space is everything you hoped it would be. Lastly, for your peace of mind, I am both insured and bonded. I abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics 

I would love the opportunity to make your space a more productive place. If you'd like to get the process started, please fill out the contact form below.  

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